Math Center


  • Sort the bears by color or size.
  • Sort the tangrams by color or shape.
  • Constuct a square using the “7 special tangrams.”
  • Create a design with tangrams or pattern blocks and write 2 sentences describing it.
  • Make patterns with the unifix cubes.
  • Measure the rug in unifix cubes.
  • Use the geoboards and bands to create a geometric figure.
  • Use a ruler, yardstick or tape measure to measure objects in the room.  Compare your results with a friend.
  • Use the mirrors to create symmetrical designs and pictures.
  • Play time bingo, doubles bingo or number bingo with a friend.
  • Use the balance scale to compare the weight of different objects.
  • Play a clipboard game.
  • Measure your height in inches or unifix cubes.
  • Practice adding and subtracting numbers on the calculators.
  • Write a number story and read it to a friend.
  • Play a math board game.
  • Create a math book or game.
  • Play the "pyramid of ten" card game.
  • Stretch your brain for other good ideas. 

               A fun site to visit is:
            Cool Math for Kids

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