“The art of teaching is the art of awakening the natural
curiosity of young minds.”  Piaget

        The Learning Center at Jefferson School is a unique setting where students work alone or cooperatively in small or large class groups on projects they or the teacher have selected.  Materials and activities are concrete, real and relevant to the students’ lives.  The room contains areas or centers dedicated to reading, mathematics, science and discovery, social studies, writing, art, brain games and puzzles, word formation and games and listening activities. 

Curriculum is presented through read-alouds, mini-lectures, literacy based centers, inquiry, investigations,
STEAM projects, small and large group discussions and hands-on activities. The themes in the Learning Center change to collaborate with what is being taught in the first and second grade classrooms, especially in the areas of social studies and science.  

The students monitor their participation at each of the centers by marking a checklist, responding in their notebooks or completing an activity.  While students may sometimes choose their centers, they are accountable for completing the activities of each center and are encouraged to “stretch their brains” by trying other centers.
Mrs. Campagna
Ext:  # 6323

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